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EXILE Technologies (formerly OYO Instruments) is a leading manufacturer of professional-quality thermal imaging equipment, film products, and direct-to-screen devices.

Our thermal imagesetters provide unique, reliable, affordable and chemistry-free imaging solutions to an array of graphic display and oil and gas industries requiring large-format (12 to 54 inch wide) images with resolutions ranging from 200 to 1,200 dpi.

Exile is leading the computer-to-screen (direct-to-screen) market with it's advanced Spyder II system. This printer streamlines the workflow from artroom to press by eliminating film and digitally placing images directly onto a silk screen. The wax ink technology provides the ultimate in density and dot quality. This system is fast, printing most standard screens in about 1 minute or less.



The all new FREEStyler DTG/DTS system is here! This innovative and affordable system can print high quality images directly onto coated screens, or with a simple ink change it can print direct to garment on light shirts. Read More



Spyder II DTS

Check out the new Spyder II DTS System.
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