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R-Jet 5 Textile Printer

When you decide to invest in direct-to-garment technology, you have a choice of various different systems. EXILE has chosen to partner with Resolute DTG in the UK to bring the affordable and amazing R-Jet 5 textile printer to the U.S. market. We are confident when you take a look at quality, price, running cost, and ease of use, there is no better choice than the R-Jet 5.

At first view, many DTG printers look more or less the same, and most are! Without closer evaluation the print quality and colors seem to be similar too, so for many people choosing the right system can be a mine field. The R-Jet 5 textile printer has been built on the knowledge of experts who have been involved with direct-to-garment printing for many years. We have taken away all the bells and whistles that are no longer needed with todays advanced ink formulations and made the R-Jet 5 “Ingeniously Simple”. The R-Jet 5 is superior in build quality, reliability and price. It is the only direct to garment printer available on the market with iWICS (intelligent white ink control system). The iWICS pressurized system not only purges air from the ink system it delivers ink to the print head in a way that allows it to print 30% faster.

Loading a Shirt

The R-Jet 5's unique closed shirt box design allows garments to be held in place when printed rather than flapping around.

In other systems, the shirt is placed on top of a shirt board or physically glued down, this can be very difficult when printing sweatshirts or thicker garments. The shirt box design eliminates this and makes loading and unloading simple and quick. The R-Jet printer is the only DTG that allows the use of multiple platens, load one while the other is printing and production is increased. By using the twin shirt box two garments can be printed at the same time, this platen has been designed with the average t-shirt image in mind.

Once loaded the shirt box is placed onto the transport belts, with one press of a button it loads, ready to print. This mechanism ensures the garment is at the correct height every time no matter what the thickness. The box adapts automatically to the individual height of each garment. The printhead is kept constant the whole time and there is no reason to be wary of printing thick sweats and polo shirts since they can easily been loaded in the box space under the pallet.

Bulk Ink System

The R-Jet 5 does not require you to replace cartridges, or purchase specialized bagged inks. Instead, it uses a bulk ink containers that you can refill on your own whenever required. This is by far the most effective way to keep running costs low and your profits high.

Perfectly Controllable

Not only are the hardware performance and design features important, but more and more the flexibility in the software is important when managing a business.

It is the same when running a direct to garment printer. A key feature of the R-Jet 5 printer is the R-Jet 5 RIP, which focuses strongly on essentials to maximize a high quality output. The easy-to-handle software offers a high-performance import-functionality of all common vector and image files and abstains from any extensive graphic features, which are these days offered in standard Photoshop and many other software brands.

When you see how fast graphic files are imported and transformed to a print file, you realize the real performance of the R-Jet 5 RIP. There are a lot of automated features that help you find the perfect print mode for your individual design. The creation of the white underbase when printing on dark shirts is one that should be highlighted. Another aspect is the integrated preview, which enables you to simulate the print out on different colored shirts.

The printing results are exceptional, not only for the first print, but as often as you choose to print.

Modular System

Last, but by no means least, the R-Jet range of direct to garment printers are modular.

Why spend more than you need to on an expensive large printer that produces multiple shirts using only one print head on a wider bar. The R-Jet 5 DTG allows entry level pricing for an industrial printer designed to work hard when you do and look after itself unattended when not in use. As your business grows additional units can be added for a fraction of the cost of other systems.








R-Jet 5 Direct to Garment Printer

R-Jet 5 Product Sheet (pdf)


R-Jet 5 Direct To Garment Printer (Front View)