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ExposeDTS UV-LED Exposure Unit

EXILE Technologies is excited to introduce the ExposeDTS UV-LED exposure unit and stand for the FREEStyler computer to screen system.

This sturdy stand with integrated screen exposure is a smart choice to pair with your new FREEStyler DTS. Not only does it provide a stable, level base for your equipment, but also provides quick and easy screen exposure without taking any extra space in your screen room.

Once a screen is finished printing on your FREEStyler, just open the door, slide in the screen and select one of 10 pre-set exposure times. The full size array of UV-LED lamps make quick work of curing the emulsion, all while another screen can be printed just above on the FREEStyler. In less than a minute (for pure photopolymer), your screen is ready to wash. This unit is built specifically for direct-to-screen. There is no glass, or vacuum system to worry about. In fact, the removal of glass reduces pinholes on screen to almost nothing.

Having the exposure unit installed just under the FREEStyler cuts down on foot traffic and the movement of frames around the screen room. This improves efficiency and productivity. The stand is on wheels and can easily be moved to clean or relocate the system.

The ExposeDTS uses ultra violet LED bulbs, which are known for their longevity and low power consumption. Lamp life of 50,000 hours or more is expected. Unlike other sources, LED does not lose UV strength over life, so no light integrators or re-adjustment of exposure times is required. Instant on, with no warm up means there is no waiting to expose your first screen of the day. Electricity usage is reduced by more than 75% and the low heat outpu of LEDís means the screen room stays cooler.

Call or email EXILE today to see how the affordable ExposeDTS and FREEStyler computer to screen system can make your screen making workflow better and more efficient.





ExposeDTS UV-LED Exposure Frame and Freestyler Stand

ExposeDTS Product Sheet (pdf)

Perfect Companion to the FREEStyler Hybrid DTS/DTG

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