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Thermal Film

EXILES' ThermoImpression™ Film is a specially coated polyester which, instead of being light sensitive like other graphic art films, is heat sensitive. When our imagesetters apply heat to the film, the reactive layer turns black and creates the image. Since all the magic is built into the film, our products don’t require messy toners, dyes, inks or transfers. This is the only consumable needed for the Liberator, TechStyler, TechSetter, and EcoPRO product lines.


• Up to 5.0 UV Dmax Density
• 0.03 UV Dmin Density (optically clear)
• 0.005” thickness for better handling
• Lays flat before and after exposure
• Dimensionally stable for accurate registration
• Light safe
• Waterproof
• 20+ year shelf life



Environmentally friendly thermal film.