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Film Output Service

Do you have a need for high quality film output? Let EXILE help.

If you occasionally need wide format film, or don't currently have a film output device, we can provide finished film to your specifications at a very affordable price.

We support most professional graphics application formats ,and can provide positives or negatives at sizes up to 54" wide by almost any length.
Contact us to find out more or get a quote on your specific job.
• 1200 dpi resolution
• 10 - 100 lines per inch
• 54” wide by nearly any length
• Low cost
• Quick turnaround

Contact us to find out more:
713-986-8724 Fax
7007 Pinemont Road
Houston, TX 77040




We prefer to get pre-separated, printer ready PDF files for output, but we do accept files from the following applications and formats:

Macintosh Applications
Illustrator CS 6
Photoshop CS 6
QuarkXpress 8
Acrobat 9.0
Corel Draw 11
InDesign CS6

PC Applications
Illustrator CS6
Photoshop CS6
QuarkXpress 8
Acrobat 9.0
Corel Draw X3
AutoCad 14

We also accept the following file formats:
eps, ps, tiff, pdf, jpg
When sending files, please make sure to include information on the following:

  • Halftone frequency (LPI)
  • Halftone Angles
  • Dot Shape
  • Enlargement / Reduction Percentage

Be sure to include all fonts and support files.

Files can be sent to us by the following methods: CD, DVD, or email (artwork@exiletech.com). Please email for information on our FTP site.

Email Instructions: Place document, fonts and support files in a folder and use Stuffit or Winzip to compress before attaching to an email.

Please use traditional mail or email us for FTP information if the compressed file is larger than 10 megabytes. Please send files to the following email address: artwork@exiletech.com