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LightSpeed CTS/DTS LED Exposure Unit

EXILE Technologies is excited to offer the LightSpeed UV Multi-Spectrum exposure system, specifically designed for use with Direct-to Screen systems, like the EXILE Spyder II DTS.

The unique slant design of the LightSpeed exposure unit allows for simple and easy loading and unloading of a screen, allowing gravity to maintain the proper exposure distance from the LED light source. The unit is built with direct-to-screen in mind, so there is no glass or vacuum system to worry about. Just put the screen in, press a button and your screen is exposed with the correct spectrum of UV light.

The patented multi-spectrum LEDís in the LightSpeed unit cover the two most common ranges used in screen print applications. Photopolymer emulsions are typically in the range of 360 to 390 nanometers, while dual-cure and diazo will expose best between 390 and 420 nanometers. Only a multi-spectrum source, like the LightSpeed, can properly expose both. A single-spectrum source will not properly cure all emulsions, leaving the emulsion prone to breakdown or requiring a secondary exposure from a traditional exposure frame.

LED bulbs are known for their longevity and the LightSpeed UV LEDís are no exception. Lamp life of 50,000 hours or more is expected. Unlike other sources, LED does not lose UV strength over life, so no light integrators or re-adjustment of exposure times is required. Instant on with no warm up means there is no waiting to expose your first screen of the day. Electricity usage is reduced by more than 75% and the cool operation of LEDís means the screen room stays cooler.

Call or email EXILE today to see how the LightSpeed can make your screen making workflow better and more efficient.





LightSpeed LED Exposure Frame

LightSpeed Product Sheet (pdf)