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EXILE Technologies manufactures wide format thermal imagesetters and direct-to-screen solutions in various sizes and resolutions.

Our computer-to-screen solutions offer our customers a variety of choices and confirgurations to meet the needs of their demanding screen room requirements. From blazingly fast, to ultra affordable, we are sure to have the right choice to fit your needs and budget.

Our thermal imagesetters provide quality film output in sizes ranging from 14” to 54” wide by nearly any length. They are completely chemistry free and offer excellent quality and density.

EXILE also produces large-format seismic plotters for the oil and gas exploration industry. These printers are reputed to be the most reliable in the industry.

EXILE also manufactures the widest high resolution thermal printheads in the world. Our single substrate heads go up to 54" wide at 1200 dpi resolution. If you have a special requirement for a large format thermal head we are the company to talk to.

Follow the links provided to find the imaging solution that we recommend for your application. Please don’t hesitate to call or contact our sales department if you have any questions or comments.



Spyder II Direct to Screen / Computer to Screen System

Exile Liberator XE Series1200 dpi Thermal Imagesetters

Harlequin RIP Kit for Exile DTS/CTS and Thermal Imagesetters
RIP Software

Exile Seismic Plotters(Formerly OYO Instruments)
Seismic Plotters

Exile Manufactures Thermal Printheads. Lagest Single Substrate Printhead in the World.
Thermal Printheads