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Frequently Asked Questions about EXILE Products

How long has EXILE been making and selling thermal plotters and imaging devices?
EXILE has been making imaging peripheral devices since the early 80's and has enjoyed dominant market share in the seismic industry for this technology. Since 1992, EXILE has been active in engineering and manufacturing thermal imaging devices for the prepress industry.

How many thermal plotters and imaging devices has EXILE sold?
Worldwide, EXILE has over 4,000 installed thermal imaging solutions in a variety of markets and industries. Over 800 of these are serving the prepress industry.

What is the difference between a thermal plotter and an EXILE Imagesetter?
A thermal plotter and a thermal imagesetter share appearance and core technology. Functionally, they can vary with regard to control and precision. Each model is optimized for it's intended industry.

Who sells and supports EXILE Imaging Devices?
EXILE imaging devices can be found through a variety of qualified dealers and distribution channels. Where an authorized EXILE dealer is not available, systems are available directly from EXILE Technologies. Whether you purchase your imaging device directly from EXILE Technologies or through one of our distributors, EXILE offers comprehensive technical support.

What RIP options are available for the EXILE imaging devices?
A number of RIP options are available. EXILE has spent a great deal of time testing and evaluating RIPs, and offer and support only a few of those available. You can find a description of the RIPs supported by EXILE on our web site, www.exiletech.com, or by contacting us at sales@exiletech.com, or by calling Telephone (713) 343-5662 or toll free (800) 747-7651.

What is a RIP? Does the imagesetter need one?
RIP stands for Raster Image Processor. The RIP takes information from your application and translates it into a language that your output device is able to understand. Yes, EXILE imaging devices require a RIP.

Does EXILE supply a hardware RIP?
The RIPs that EXILE currently supports are a combination of hardware and software. The actual processor is supplied by the customer in the form of a PC or Mac. This is the best arrangement, allowing for flexibility of configuration and easy upgradability.

Are there any limitations connecting an EXILE imaging device to a network?
Since the RIP runs on either a PC running Windows NT or the Mac OS, networking is as easy as adding any new computer to an existing network.

How is density calibration done for the EXILE imaging device?
Film density can be controlled from the EXILE Imagesetter control panel. Several incremental exposure values ensure the proper level of density. Calibration for dot size is done from the RIP software. General tonal (gamma) curves can easily be applied, or if tighter control is needed, densitometer readings can be used to linearize the EXILE imaging device.

Can I use my favorite graphics design software and output films to the EXILE imaging device?
Most popular graphic design applications rely on the postscript programming language to create the artwork you design. The RIP (Raster Image Processor) interprets and prints these files to the imaging device. Printing to the RIP is generally as easy as printing to any other printer on your network.

How is density calibration done for the EXILE Imagesetter control panel?
Several incremental exposure values ensure the proper level of density. Calibration for dot size is done from the RIP software. General tonal (gamma) curves can easily be applied, or if tighter control is needed, densitometer readings can be used to linearize the EXILE Imagesetter .

How long will it take to RIP and plot a file on the EXILE imaging device?
RIP time is dependent on the complexity of the file, amount of memory available to the RIP, and the speed of the computer on which the RIP resides. This makes it difficult to accurately predict how long a file will take to process. EXILE does offer one of the fastest RIPs in the industry, which will most likely equal or outperform any printer you may currently be using.

Does EXILE do installations?
You are never on your own with EXILE. On site installation and training is available as well as technical phone support.

What technology does the EXILE Imagesetter use to make films?
The EXILE imagesetter utilizes thermal technology to produce environmentally friendly films. No chemicals, dyes, inks, or toners are needed with this process. The only consumable is the film.

Are there other brands of thermal imagesetters available on the market?  What is the difference between them and the EXILE Imagesetter?
There are other thermal imagesetters on the market. What sets EXILE apart is its unique single substrate thermal head technology and innovative closed loop registration control. Our thermal head is one continuous piece, even on our largest 54" unit. Our competitors splice smaller heads together to achieve larger widths. This 'splicing' can cause density shifts, image misalignment, and gaps in the printed piece. Our closed loop control ensures accurate registration of even your longest print jobs. It continuously monitors the film for movement and will perform minute adjustments to ensure that your film separations will overlay accurately.

Are there any owners of EXILE imaging device that would be willing to talk to me about their experience with the product?
There are several EXILE imaging device owners that have and will be happy to talk about their experience with EXILE. Normally, we can refer you to a company that does similar work to your own shop. Please call a graphic sales representative for more information.

Can I make both film positives and negatives on the EXILE Imagesetter?
Yes, the EXILE Imagesetters can produce film positives and negatives at resolutions up to 1200 x 1200. This makes it an ideal choice for newspapers, flexography, and low end offset.

What is the maximum size image I can output on an EXILE Imagesetter?
We can produce films up to 54" wide by nearly any length.

Are there any chemicals or toners that I have to load into my imagesetter?
Thanks to our environmentally friendly, thermal technology the only thing you need to put in the imagesetter is film.

Is there any problem with disposal of used film?
As with traditional film, our thermal film does contain silver. You should consult your local EPA for proper disposal.

What industries are currently using the EXILE Imagesetter?
EXILE meets the demands of screenprinters, newspapers, and flexographic companies.

Can I use a Mac with the EXILE Imagesetter? A PC?
Both a Mac and a PC can be used to print to the RIP software required by the EXILE imaging device. The platform the RIP resides on is dependent on which RIP you purchase from EXILE.

Do I need a processor to develop the film output from the EXILE Imagesetter?
No processors or chemicals required. Your film positives and negatives are ready to use as soon as they print.

Does the EXILE imagesetter have a film saving feature to reduce my film waste?
The RIP used with the EXILE imagesetter does provide film saving features. This allows multiple separations to stack up side by side, utilizing as much of the film as possible.

Is it possible to use a smaller width film than what is specified by the size of the EXILE Imagesetter?
No, you should only use the width of film that is appropriate for a particular size of EXILE Imagesetter. In other words, use only 42" film in the 42" imagesetter. Attempting to use a smaller width film can damage the components in the machine.

Can I use any brand of thermal film that I choose?
We recommend that you do not. Using film not approved by EXILE Technologies could result in voiding your warranty.
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