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Premium Plus Extended Warranty

What is it?

It is just one more way that we can offer to protect your investment. 

How does it work?

Well, by paying a little extra for every roll of film that you use, you can avoid those potentially large and unexpected service bills.  With Premium Plus, you get film and warranty at a fixed cost per square foot, allowing you to accurately predict your prepress costs.  No more surprises.  Premium Plus fundamentally provides more consistent monthly expenses by eliminating potential costly and unexpected repair bills for as long as you own your machine.

Want to know more?

Okay.  Premium Plus provides ongoing protection under EXILE Technologies' (formerly OYO Instruments) standard manufacturer’s limited warranty.  EXILE will either repair or replace any defective parts on your imagesetter during the time that it is covered under the Premium Plus Warranty Program.  That’s right, any defective part.  This includes the thermal print head!  Parts, labor, and return shipping are included.

More stuff that you need to know…

Premium Plus does not cover pre-existing problems with your imagesetter. In other words, if your EXILE is out of warranty and already needs repair, the repairs will not be covered.  Premium Plus pays for return ground shipping to you, but you must pay for shipping to us. Return shipping by airfreight is not included.  If you request airfreight shipping, it will be billed to you. Please refer to EXILE’s published Limited Warranty Statement for details.

Here’s what you need to do.

To enroll in the Premium Plus Program, first contact EXILE at 1-800-747-7651.  We will set you up in a contract with EXILE agreeing to purchase only EXILE Premium Plus film at the Premium Plus price.  The model of your EXILE imagesetter determines the price.  The contract has a minimum twelve-month term, but it can certainly be longer.

When can you sign up?


  1. You can sign up for the Premium Plus Program any time that your machine is covered under the original warranty.
  2. You can also renew your Premium Plus contract at any time that your contract is active.
  3. If your original manufacturer’s warranty is expired, we can still sign you up for Premium Plus, but we will need to verify the condition of your machine.





EXILE's Manufacturer's Warranty Statement

Premium Plus Film Sample Procedure